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Jan’s Thoughts During Lent

Reflection of Lent


          Lent is a time leading up to the remembrances of our Lord’s death and His resurrection. We consider and contemplate our spiritual well being. How does our life reflect our Christian beliefs?

          An acquaintance of mine told me a story about how she was raised in a Christian home, and she had made a decision to follow Christ as a child. She felt confident that she was a pretty good Christian. One day, she hosted a garage sale. She wore a tee shirt with a Christian message. Another friend showed up at her sale and when she read the message on her shirt, she said: “When did you become a Christian?” This was a wakeup call to her that she was not reflecting Christ.

          The more time that we spend with God in His word and in prayer—the more our lives will reflect a Christ-like attitude in our dealings in business, and with our friends and families.

          Lenten season is indeed a time to reflect. It serves as a reminder for spiritual housecleaning. A time to look back over the past year. Perhaps a time when we determine to grow closer to God.

          Some people give up something they enjoy during this season. Perhaps instead of giving up something, we could determine to do something productive to show our Christian faith. In Samuel 15:22, we find these words: And Samuel said, “Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.”

          Well, that’s pretty clear—“To obey is better than to sacrifice.”

          We cannot reflect what we do not have. I take many photos of reflections in water, and whatever the camera sees in the water is exactly what is on the land around it and nothing more.

          When we look in the mirror at our reflection, we may not like what we see, but what we see is the real us. When God looks at us, He sees exactly what is in our heart; we cannot hide it from Him. When our families and the world look at us, do we reflect Christ by our actions? Without the love of Christ in our lives, we cannot reflect this light to others.


Prayer: Almighty God, we bow before you in humbleness. Forgive us for when we fail You. Help us to reflect your light to all those around us. During this Lenten season and always, help us to strive as Christians to mirror Christ’s life so that others might come to know your Son and embrace the miracle of the resurrection. Amen


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