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Lessons from Christmas Past – 2013
As I reflect on past Christmas memories, they are not all pleasant. Some, memories are painful to recall.
This year, I had friends and family members die. I have friends who are critically ill and they need miracles to get well.
One of my memories is the Christmas that I was pregnant and miscarried. We planned to travel to PA from Maryland to share Christmas with our families. I was not prepared the day before Christmas for the emotional loss of a baby.
The Lord touched the hearts of several friends who took time out of their own holiday celebrations to prepare food for us. I learned that year Christmas was about the love and support of friends when I was in need.
Another memory was the year my brother died suddenly two weeks before Christmas, and a week later my mother was operated on for incurable pancreatic cancer. She spent Christmas in the hospital, and I didn’t want to celebrate anything that year. Through the love and compassion of my husband who took over the preparations, God taught me that Christmas was not about me and how I was feeling, but about joy for the birth of a Savior who came as a gift for the whole world.
Another Christmas found my husband with the diagnosis of two aggressive cancers and facing a second operation and months of chemotherapy. At the same time, the company which I worked for eleven years went bankrupt. God taught me to take one day at a time and trust Him for just that day. He gave me a “peace which passeth all understanding” that year.
My 58-year old sister Dottie was diagnosed with liver cancer during another Christmas season. It was a heart-breaking time as our whole family got together to be with her for her last Christmas. I learned about the love which sacrifices to ease burdens and share pain for someone in need.
There have been other close family members who have died just before Christmas in the past several years. They are always remembered and missed.
Also, there has been the pain of divorces and division in our family. People, who we called family, no longer sit around our table. Again, God reminded me that it was not the circumstances of my life which I am celebrating.
This holy time of the year is about love, joy, hope and peace. The Prince of Peace who is able to give us that “peace which passes all understanding.” If your heart is heavy and you are sad this Christmas, focus on the real reason for Christmas, and know that God loves you so very much.
Lord Jesus: Thank you for coming to earth. Help us to keep our eyes and heart focused on you and not on our circumstances. You know our every need. Help us to trust you during this special time as we celebrate your birth. Amen


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